Getting Started

Got an amazing send off from my church family.  Packed up one and a half suitcases of donations to bring to AMOS Health and Hope. Christy and her son, AJ, took me shopping on Saturday for all the extra things I needed to set up my apartment. Wal-Mart is here. The main store is huge. It is layed out more like a huge warehouse–think Costco or BJ’s. In the States I think of Wal-Mart as the affordable place to shop. Here, they certainly have a lot of items but it is probably not the best place for most things I need right now.  Wal-Mart also has several grocery stores here under different names. One of my local grocery stores is owned by Wal-Mart. There are local markets throughout Managua. The grocery stores are very similar to the ones in the States. They have stalls that offer EVERYTHING. You can see Christy, my dear friend and the AMOS’s Director of Development and Communication, in the market with my new produce supplier.

On Sunday Drs. David and Laura Parajon took some of us to Laguna de Apoya. It is spectacular. It is an hour drive southeast of Nejapa, which is the area of Managua where I live and AMOS is.  It is a volcanic lake with warm, clear blue water. Yes, family, I went swimming.

Spanish studies began this morning. My professor’s name is Eliel Hernandez. He is with the Managua Nicaragua Spanish School. He comes to AMOS for three hours a day to teach me. He is very good an I am hopeful for my progress.

AMOS is a buzz with activities. More on that next time…



  1. So excited to hear about all you will be doing and I look forward to future blogs! You’re in my prayers Tricia.


  2. Marge,
    Thank you so much for your support. AMOS is a great place. I am studying Spanish for 3 hours a day, working on grant reports, and helping with the annual development campaign. Every person here is kind and committed to serving for the people of Nicaragua. It is a great experience so far.
    How is Chuck? And your family?
    Love to you all,


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